What Does Financial Litigation Cover?

What Does Financial Litigation Cover?

Financial litigation is an area of law that covers cases which deal with financial matters. It includes a wide variety of financial related laws and regulations. Here are examples of some of the areas included in financial litigation.

Money Owed to Businesses

If money is owed to a business, with no sign of this debt being paid, then they may seek legal assistance to make sure they received what they are owed. The most common situation where this is required is when someone has failed to pay an invoice despite being reminded several times. Businesses usually prefer to avoid legal proceedings but are sometimes forced to take this route. An example of this could be where a builder has carried out an extension on someone’s home but the homeowner refuses to pay. The builder may eventually contact a financial litigation solicitor for assistance.

Disputes Between Businesses

There are a multitude of financial disputes that can occur between two businesses. The most common is when one business owes money to another, often in exchange for a service that has already been carried out. An example is where a printing business has produced brochures for another company, who have yet to pay the agreed fee.

Money Owed to the Government

The most disputed issue relating to money being owed to the government is connected to outstanding tax bills. Cases that go all the way to court more often than not involve taxes owed by businesses. The government may use financial litigation lawyers to begin legal proceedings against the business concerned, while the business may hire their own lawyers to fight the case on their behalf.

Financial Fraud

There are several areas of financial fraud that can lead to legal cases. Once of these is embezzlement, which is where someone has taken ownership of funds or possessions in their trust but which don’t belong to them. Another example is money laundering, but there are also many others.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers between businesses and businesses purchasing other businesses is a complex issue with many financial aspect involved. This, in turn, means there are many financial related legal matters to attend to, from the price paid to the share owned by different partners.

Administration and Liquidation

Unfortunately, there are times when businesses are failing and they may need to go into administration or be liquefied. There are obviously legal processes that must be undertaken where these situations arise.


There are many legal aspects to banking and it is important banks, and other institutions in the industry, adhere to the law. Financial litigation can cover a wide array of banking issues.

Financial litigation covers a wide range of legal requirement and disputes. Every industry, as well as individuals, may at one time or another be in a situation where financial litigation is required. The above are just some areas where it may be necessary, but is nowhere near an exhaustive list. Any legal matter involving finance could be described as coming under financial litigation.

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