Insight to Intellectual Property Rights

Insight to Intellectual Property Rights

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was founded to administer these intellectual property rights in 19th century and later become part of WTO in 1995, so to ensure the intellectual rights worldwide.

The intellectual property rights give the individual the right to guard his invention and grant him the power to dispose of it and stop others from using this invention without his permission. The states tackle the protection of this right and punish anyone who may break it during the lifetime of the individual, and tens of years after his death. The protection laws also include the ‘inventor’ companies.

The problem arises with intellectual property rights is that in some realities it becomes a monopolistic property right.

What is, ‘intellectual monopoly?’ When you buy a commodity, you can use it, throw it away, make it into better you can use the ‘idea’ of that commodity embodied in it to make better or to invent something new. Current rule of intellectual property allows manufacturers of any product, technology or commodity to take this freedom away, example are computer software or medical drugs.

The EU Property Rights Enforcement Directive is a terrifying example. It is giving authority to the music and software industry to identify on people’s home computers, charge persons found sharing files over the Internet, and empowers police to raid the homes of those. French MEP Janelly Fourtou put the bill forward. Her husband is the head of Vivendi Universal, which owns several record labels.

It was in June 2001 a U.S. corporation Myriad claimed that all tests must be carried out only in its own lab at a cost of US$2500, about 5 times what was formerly being charged in hospitals of Canadian provinces, they were truly violating its patents on a test for genetic weakness to breast cancer. People are destroyed because of ignorance due to these patents and being strained to pay overstated sums of money for treatment and diagnosis!

The slogan of “Warring freedoms guarding knowledge” would lead to a new kind of dark ages. Newton said, ‘If I have seen further than other men, it is because I have stood upon the shoulders of giants.” Question arises if those giants hurdle Newton by these so-called intellectual property rights how would have Newton stood?

Human creativity will grow if set free from the rule of starving dinosaurs that want to grow fatter sitting alone on mountains of gold.