How to Copyright Photographs

How to Copyright Photographs

You own the copyright to your original material, such as photographs, articles, etc. But your say so is not enough when someone tries to steal your photos or other material. Sometimes people try to claim your material as their own and then you have to prove that you are the owner of the copyright. You can copyright your photos by registering them on line as long as the original belongs to you. With so many photos being posted online, if your photos are valuable to you, then you need to copyright them.

Copyrighting and be done with the U.S. Copyright Office or you can find other copyright services online. The U.S. Copyright Office requires the photos to be sent in on a disc. Some other copyright services will let you load your digital photos to their site. Follow the directions the copyright site gives you.

Save your copyright and any other documentation that come with it. You will receive a paper with proof of your registered copyright. Make sure you keep all this documentation for your records.

You have probably heard about the “poor man’s copyright” or the “Poor Man’s Patent.” This is when you send yourself a copy of your photo or material through the USPS and don’t open it. The date on the mailing envelope is supposed to prove the date that you made the original. This does not work in our world today or in a court of law. Everyone has access to a color printer, photo paper or other material they may need to easily make a fake of the original. You need to have your copyright registered with a 3rd party, so they can verify your claim of copyright.

If you take photos for the purpose of selling them, you need to copyright them. It is all up to the person who makes the original photo or material, if you don’t care if someone copies it, then don’t go through the copyright process.