Beware of Copyright Issues With Music Downloads

Beware of Copyright Issues With Music Downloads

Listening to music will be on the list for most people when you ask them what they do to relax and for many it will be high on that list. This is nothing new and is popular for almost everyone due to the extensive types and genres of music available. With technology now making it easier for music enthusiasts to stay connected through the internet, with the only things required being a PC and an Internet connection, it is now easier than ever for music downloads to go straight to your PC for easy listening. However, not too many people understand copyright issues and if you are not careful you can fall foul of the law.

You need to understand however what constitutes copyright. If an artist records a song, then he owns the copyright. If he then uploads it for access to everyone, then that is his right and you can download and listen without any payment necessary to the artist. This is usually done by new and up and coming artists. However, if an artist signs up to a record label then the record label will own the copyright and therefore it is highly unlikely that they will make it available as a music download without any charge to you. That is where a lot of people come unstuck.

Say for example you purchase a CD, you only purchase the right to listen to the music, you do not purchase the copyright so you have no right to upload it to the internet as music downloads for other people to listen to. This is the issue with peer to peer sites, whilst these sites themselves are not illegal, you can only share songs that have no copyright protection. Artists who make their songs available for you with no charges, use these sites and you can freely distribute it to others on their behalf, nothing wrong with that but the vast majority of music available is copyrighted by the recording company. So if you have purchased a CD and then uploaded it for other people to download as you do not own the copyright to do this.

Some recording companies do make snippets of tracks available as music downloads, this is to entice you into buying the full track or album and is a common approach to marketing this type of product. Some will also make a full track available with no charge for music downloads and then perhaps offer you a discount if you purchase the full album. Be aware though that this is usually a marketing ploy to get your contact details so they can make other offers to you in the future.

The bottom line here is that if you want to download music from the internet, make sure you understand what constitutes copyright and who the owner of that copyright is.