4 Tips of How to Become a Good Copywriter

4 Tips of How to Become a Good Copywriter

There are many channels that are used today by the media to get their message out there in a bigger way and most of it relies on video, media, word of mouth and many other forms of marketing than speaking to the public and the general public as a whole. However, one of the most lucrative careers out there that is promising is copywriting, often misspelled in more ways than one. The reason why this is such a lucrative business is because all marketers need material to market and content to drive the material. Content is what sells and in the marketing world. Content is Still King!

To become a good copywriter one needs to know a few basics:

1. Passion, Yes! Passion. Passion is often overlooked when it comes to being a good copywriter. People who succeed at the highest level have an abundance of this quality in them. It fuels them to not let a day go by without reading, pondering and being consumed by what they do. Passion, specifically in the subject of interest is step 1.

2. Knowledge is the second step. You have to be knowledgeable about the subject or industry you are writing about. Knowing how the industry works and how all the pieces fit together will make all the differences. Marketing for example online differs greatly to marketing offline. Online we speak Facebook, PPC, SEO etc. Offline we speak PR, Media, Billboards etc. Be knowledgeable and learn.

3. Creativity. How creative are you? Are you a funny person? Adventurous? Outgoing? Off-the-wall? How do people who know you describe you? People are driven by pain and pleasure; knowing which button to push as a copywriter expert can make all the difference in moving people to take action. A life cover insurance policy will have different content written about it versus content about the new Porsche.

4. Determination. Determination is different from passion. Passion is what drives you and determination is the stuff that you are made that will see you to your ultimate destination. Determination is a well defined strategy that is fueled by passion.

So those are the four important attributes. These qualities come naturally when you really love your subject and are consumed by it as opposed to doing it because of a deadline. Being a copywriter is no easy job and requires a great deal of all the characteristics of a goal oriented individual, which is another important factor. You also would need to quickly familiarize yourself with the TV production, Radio and Marketing process to begin with since these will carry on out through your career.

Copywriting can be a very rewarding career.