3 Common Causes of Motorcycle Related Lawsuits

3 Common Causes of Motorcycle Related Lawsuits

More and more people are realizing the enjoyment, camaraderie and other benefits of riding a motorcycle. Going for a motorcycle ride on a clear day is a great way to experience the natural and man made beauty of your surroundings. Motorcycle riders are a close-knit people who share a common bond in their love for two wheeled vehicles. Motorcycles also serve several practical benefits including increased gas mileage and easier parking in crowded commercial areas.

When it comes to motorcycle riding, you have to weigh the benefits with the costs. Although there are many benefits of riding, motorcycles also have several drawbacks. The most prevalent drawback of motorcycle riding is the risk of personal injury and death. When on a motorcycle, you have very little protection. A small mistake can result in very serious consequences. Because of this, it is important to know your legal rights as a motorcyclist. I am lucky enough to personally know several Seattle personal injury lawyers and Seattle personal injury attorneys who have explained motorcycle lawsuits to me in the past. Here are three common causes of motorcycle related lawsuits that every rider should be aware of.

1. Driver Negligence

Ask any motorcycle rider and they will tell you that they frequently feel that they are invisible to other drivers. There are even bumper stickers that say “Watch For Motorcycles”. Motorists are more likely to notice other cars, trucks and vans than motorcycles. This fact leads to several negligence related auto accidents.

A primary example of driver negligence is opening a driver side door into traffic. This is startlingly common and can cause serious injury to a biker. Another case of driver negligence is cutting a motorcycle off, either at an intersection or while merging. Both of these incidents could be grounds for a driver negligence lawsuit.

2. Land Owner Negligence

Driver negligence isn’t the only type of negligence for a motorcycle rider to worry about. Land owner negligence is a very real concern than can potentially cause serious motorcycle accidents. Land owner negligence pertains to both private land owners and government land. The legal counsel of an experienced lawyer is suggested because these lawsuits can be difficult to prove.

Most single motorcycle accidents are immediately written off as driver-caused. However, land owner negligence like road debris, slippery substance spills and obstacles on roads and motorcycle trails can and should be legally contested.

3. Collision

This is the most obvious, and most common cause of a motorcycle accident related lawsuit. As stated before, an accident involving a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous. Only 20% of motorcycle accidents don’t involve injury or death. This is why motorcycle riders should be very aware of their civil rights when it comes to a non-driver caused accident.

Some examples of motorcycle related auto accidents are intersection collisions, rear end collisions, merging accidents and sudden stop accidents. Experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel will assist you in your legal matters concerning this type of collision.